Simone STORE


To know Louise is to know Louise and Joseph. They met many years ago while they were both working at a photo studio in Montreal. In 1975, they purchased their photography studio, marking the beginning of their journey as internationally renowned artists. Since then, they have consistently invested in their profession leading them to a prolific career…


  • Louise and Joseph’s reputation has reached many borders; in the last 23 years, they have been invited to teach in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Martinique, Canada, and the United States as Eastman Kodak Pro Mentors.
  • They have both earned their Craftsmen and Masters of Photography titles in Québec, Canada and the U.S
  • Together, Louise and Joseph have been named Canada's Photographer of the Year 7 times since 197
  • They are members of Cameracraftsmen of America
  • Joseph received the American Society Fellowship in 2005
  • The Simones have earned approximately 50 trophies in Canada, have multiple loan collections registered in Canada's National Archives and the Professional Photographers of America, and have earned various KODAK Gallery Award
  • They published their first book of images in 2004
  • In 2011 they received The National Citation from the CMPQ (Corporation des Maîtres Photographes du Québec).

And now...Their journey has led them to explore new avenues in which the representation of their subjects differs. Graphic shapes, colors and light explode. This marks the birth of a new visual art combining digital photography, painting and different materials such as pigmented inks. 

Their art is unique as are Joseph and Louise Simone. Come visit this unparallelled exhibit rich in colour and light, worthy of great masters of international renown.

" A piece of time for those we love "      Louise and Joseph Simone       Internationally renowned artists