Renee Spencer STORE


Renee Spencer was born in the wrong era and is seriously thinking about building a time machine. In the meantime, she channels her love for vintage to create nostalgic artwork.

Renee doesn't tend to do things in a traditional way and her artwork is no different. She has a creative brain but never had an outlet until she found PhotoShop. After learning the nitty-gritty in the pre-press realm for several years she put those technical skills to use. 

Renee's pin-up brand titled "Woopsie Daisy" is underway. Each gal comes with an adorable name that will go with their coy personality and sassy style.  As Saturday morning cartoons always said, "stay tuned..."

What's bigger, the sunglasses or the ego?

 A special thanks to Hawksmont for the creation and sharing of the bubble brushes