Lawrence Hersberger

The Renaissance Artist and Designer.

Internationally acclaimed Artist, Storyteller, Writer, Designer and Master Photographer Larry Hersberger lives in Tampa Fl. He creates

in his new studio in Tampa with his co-creator Ela Bednarek.

Known as the Art of Magic & Light®, his artwork is internationally licensed and has selections in the prestigious PPA IPC Loan Collection. With over

150 pieces of artwork now licensed, his brand Larry Hersberger, Art of Magic and Light™ is established and growing both nationally and internationally. He works with an array of extraordinary manufacturers to bring countless products to store worldwide.  

Mr. Hersberger’s latest creation is Santa’s Magical Gift™ and is being released in the 2017 season. Santa’s Magical Gift™ features a nostalgic Audio Book written, designed and narrated by Larry. The entire design also features a personalized Wish Book and Magic Box from Santa. Collectively they create a New Christmas Tradition which instills family values, collects your families Christmas memories in writing and promotes child and parent interaction.


Santa’s Magical Gift™ will be followed by 4 other children’s storybooks and associated ancillary products.


Mr. Hersberger has created numerous commissioned one of a kind children’s books for clients throughout America.  

The Storyteller.

His theatrical and storytelling technique coupled with his wide skill set expands the boundaries of artistic creation. The resulting artwork truly stops people and captures their imagination and complete attention. In his lifetime, Larry has created for clients in 51 countries around the world and has lectured in 5 countries.


Touching a global audience with a joyous message has always been important to Larry.  "As an artist, my goal is to create artwork that begs your gaze. If done well, it will make you search, study and take it in. I want the viewer to feel and live the artwork. I want the viewer to feel a connection to their own life experiences and their imagination. Our inner child still lives within us all." Larry Hersberger


“My work takes me to a place of creation, not duplication. I love that edge. It is the unknown and where new things are waiting to be discovered…then brought into reality.” Larry Hersberger


The Business Person.

Mr. Hersberger currently owns three businesses.

Kissing Tree Studio LLC,

This is his creation studio. Operating out of Thomasville, NC, Mr. Hersberger has clients come to his studio for unique commissioned sessions from America and beyond. This is truly a place of creation and design.


Art 2 License LLC,

Art 2 License is Mr. Hersberger art licensing arm and an agency for not only Larry’s art but other extraordinary artists as well. Here we work with a global clientele of quality manufacturers to bring joyous products to stores worldwide.


Art of Magic and Light Inc.,

This is Mr. Hersberger’s design and product development division. Art of Magic and Light Inc. is where Larry’s ideas turn into actual products. It is with this company that he works as the artist and the designer. We then sell directly to stores worldwide.


The Teacher.

Mr. Hersberger has lectured in 5 countries and has given presentations to both the Photographic and Licensing industries. He gives one-of-a-kind creation workshops at his Thomasville, NC studio where students learn how to discover their own style and bring creative thought to reality.