Dan Westervelt STORE


Dan began his career in art as a draftsman for prominent landscape architect Edward Durrell Stone, Jr. whose designs include the National Arboretum in Washington as well as The Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. This first work experience sparked a lifelong passion for design, shape and color that has served him throughout his 30 years of art making.

His art hangs in Fortune 500 corporations, airports, hotels and healthcare facilities in the U.S., as well as in places as distant as Japan, China, Australia and Europe.  His images also hang in two wings of The Mandalay Bay Resort, as well as the Presidential Suite in the Golden Nugget.

His images have been produced into rugs, tapestries, giftware, posters, tiles, wooden jigsaw puzzles as well as fabrics and tableware.  His most famous client is Tiger Woods who owns a half a dozen of the Love Letters images. He is best known for his montage technique that incorporates several layers of imagery which usually has some sort of visual enigma buried within them. His love of visual puzzles is always apparent if you just look closely enough.

Dan has been described by his colleagues as a unique individual with a wide spectrum of personal gifts: artist, colorist, public speaker, author, teacher, lawyer, and former member of the Prestigious Color Marketing Group where he served as a member of the elite panel of Speakers, Experts and Consultants.

He describes himself as the artist most likely to misuse every art material in sight as he is totally self-taught as an artist, and this lack of formal training has also allowed him to explore and push the boundaries of traditional art making.