Art 2 License exists solely to professionally link the art of Larry Hersberger with leading manufacturers. Owner and artist Larry Hersberger has over 30 years of experience in art, design and manufacturing. With multiple licenses continually in place, he has a keen sense of what people “want” to purchase. He has developed product lines that have sold successfully in over 50 countries. This balance of extraordinary knowledge has put Art 2 License and Larry Hersberger in the unique position of being able to understand and relate to both art and manufacturers.

Our enthusiastic and professional team has been hand-picked to meet a very high standard of business, licensing and communication excellence. We are committed to excellence in client relations and diligent with each licensing transaction.

Larry Hersberger is truly a world class artist with his artwork featured on products globally. Art 2 License represents Mr. Hersberger with pride and a great deal of knowledge.

“At Art 2 License we know the reason manufacturers are looking for art. It is specifically to assist in the creation of cutting edge products that sell to the masses. We know their time is short and the need for clear and accurate communication is great. We listen to our clients, then present the correct art for the correct product. We, as partners both have a job to do in creating a successful product line and reaching a shared goal. We are the invaluable link between the artist and the manufacturer.”

- President Art 2 License, Larry Hersberger

Select the art you have interest in, leave us your company information and comments and a dedicated team member will contact you. This important first step will begin the journey to creation of your new product line.